Birth Doula

birth dou·la /bərTH ˈdü-lə/

[dc]I[/dc]n Spanish, to give birth is “dar a luz”. Literally: “to give light”. No small feat! But to us, this exemplifies the transformative power of birth. Our goal is to work together with you, your partner and your care-providers, to make this transformation a positive and happy experience. To support and encourage you regardless of the twists, turns and surprises that we may encounter along the way. And hopefully, we’ll also have a lot of fun.


As birth doulas, we provide you–and your partner–with the physical, emotional and informational support you need, from the onset of labor until 1 to 2 hours after your gorgeous little bundle of joy is born.

Service includes two prenatal meetings (to discuss birth choices, create a birth plan and learn what to expect and how to cope) and one postpartum meeting (to check-in, review the birth and give appropriate referrals as needed).

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[mark]Why work with a doula?[/mark]

Extensive research has shown that with a doula, you can have a better and shorter birth, feel more secure and confident, breastfeed longer, bond better with your baby and whole lotta other good stuff!

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