[Birth Stories] Support Beats Stubbornness

Happy Summer, Northern Hemisphere!

With this episode we kick off our 2016 “Birth Stories for the Summer” series!

For the next ten weeks, I’m switching the spotlight from the birth pros to the mighty parents, who share what real-life birth looks like. Today, Victoria Wilson tells us how bringing great labor support to a birth makes for a much better experience, than when you just bring your stubbornness. Check it out!

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Suggestions from Victoria, that made her birth better:

  • Make the room yours (you can use battery-operated candles… I’m adding some string lights to my doula bag after this! 🙂 )
  • Have a game plan with your partner of how you’d like them to support you (she had pre-written affirmations that he could show her, to support her without “saying the wrong thing”)
  • Advocate for yourself – this is no time to be a “people pleaser” (she asked for a new nurse, because the one she had wasn’t working for her)
  • Remember to balance activity with rest
  • Work together with your care provider so that your experience is preserved as much as possible, even in the face of complications (Victoria’s had low blood platelets and they were concerned ahead of time about the possibility of hemorrhaging… even so, her midwife kept things calm, while doing what she needed to do)
  • Doulas are great support the partner as well!


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All photos are used with permission, courtesy of Victoria Wilson and Sara Corman Photography








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