I Can’t Do It = I’m Really Close, Shani Stidham

We continue still with our “Birth Stories” for the summer series! Today’s story comes from Shani Stidham, who did a whole lot of soul searching and preparation in early pregnancy, and set things up so she’d have the environment and support she needed to explore birth on her own terms, and have a glorious postpartum to boot! Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • Exploring options of where to give birth – even considering The Farm!
  • Preparing for a homebirth and finding the right care provider
  • Is it early labor? Why not try going to a few open houses
  • There’s always time for a bagel stop
  • Setting up the right environment to go deep
  • She’s having mango sorbet? Call the midwife!
  • That feeling when it’s not as bad as you thought
  • Stupid birth-pool logistics
  • Listening to her inner birth giver and birth junkie at the same time
  • Getting some solo time
  • Alternating pushing with sleeping
  • Born in the caul!
  • Letting herself be mothered in 5-day postpartum bliss
  • The importance of planning your postpartum period and support as you would for your birth (This can help! – Check it out)


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All photos are used with permission, courtesy of Shani Stidham



About Shani Stidham

I was born and raised in Israel, served in the Israeli Army right after high school and came to the US when I was 21 for school. I lived in NJ for a year and a half, then moved to CO and started school there for sciences. I met my husband in school and had our baby on 1/29/17. A few month before we had a baby I changed the course of my degree and decided to become a midwife to help bring birth back to women. I just got back to work as a real estate agent and postponed my studies because I feel like my baby needs me, and I can’t leave her for long period of times to attend births. I look forward to completing my degree in midwifery studies when I will be done having babies.





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