green·proof·er /ˈgrēnˈprüfər/

[dc]I[/dc]I was shocked when I came across the recent research that found an average of over 200 industrial chemicals in the cord blood of babies still in the womb, including some pesticides that were banned 30 years ago!*

Since the Toxic Substances Control Act took effect in 1976, the EPA has tested only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in commerce and regulated just five. There are close to 80,000 chemicals in commerce in the US, and health or safety data exists for about only 15% of them**.

It’s clear that we live in polluted times.

Panicking, living in a bubble, or ignoring the facts are not sustainable actions. Deciding to critically observe and question what goes in, on, and around our bodies–and that of our children–is.

I understand this can be a daunting proposition. That’s where a greenproofer comes in handy.

As a greenproofer, I can bring sanity and simplicity to your quest of going green.

While taking into consideration your maternal stage: trying to conceive, early/mid/late pregnancy, or newborn, I’ll analyze in detail the environments surrounding you, your baby, and the rest of the family. Together, we’ll consider your air quality, food, cleaning products, beauty products. We’ll look at toxins and stressors. Then we’ll make a customized, non-overwhelming game plan.

Green What?

This is eco-childproofing from prepregnancy to postpartum!

A Greenproofer or Green Birth Educator is a maternity eco-consultant that meets with expecting or new families to provide education, support, and resources in order to protect her clients and their children from unsafe exposure to toxins and potentially toxic substances in their home, on their body, in their food, and in their environment. She uses an individualized approach to assess, motivate, educate and prepare clients for non-toxic living. She also provides the guidance to help pre-conceiving, expecting, and new parent clients achieve their personal green goals.


*EGW, “10 American’s” Report video presentation, June 2011
**Dr. Jerome A. Paulson (lead author) From the American Academy of Pediatrics:Policy Statement: Chemical-Management Policy: Prioritizing Children’s Health Council on Environmental Health Pediatrics 2011; 127:5 983-990; published ahead of print April 25, 2011,doi:10.1542/peds.2011-0523

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