Postpartum Know-How: preparing for life with a newborn

Tuesday Feb. 25th –  6 to 9 pm

Come see what it’s really like to have a brand new baby!

Make the most of  your newborn’s first hour to promote bonding and imprint breastfeeding. Get tips and tricks on getting more sleep, recovering from your birth, and avoiding postpartum depression.

Learn about:

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  • Your newborn’s 9 instinctive stages
  • Navigating hospital procedures to prioritize bonding and breastfeeding
  • What to include in your birth plan to protect the “Golden Hour”
  • Creating a contingency plan in case mom and baby need to be separated
  • How to make the most of your hospital stay
  • The key elements to a smooth postpartum
  • What to expect day by day
  • Your baby: sleeping, eating, pooping and growing
  • Lessening sleep depravation
  • Your body: recovering from YOUR birth
  • Avoiding postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Planning your “postpartum vacation”
  • Handouts and more!


          • Cost is $49 per expectant mom, or $55 per mom + support person.
          • Workshops are held at the East Side Wellness Center (625 Ayrault Road, Fairport, New York 14450)

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Select number of people attending from the drop down menu below:

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What past attendees are saying:

“I appreciate that you are up on medical studies & research that actually validate what we know instinctually to be true.” 

Kate M.[line]

“All of this (information) was right on, and it helps me think more how to better counsel my patients and advocate for them, and against the protocolized, non evidence-based stuff that “just happens” (at hospitals).”

Dr. Z. Borus


“I wanted to drop a note to thank you for offering the workshops. They are so important.

Even for a situation like mine where I was unable to be with my baby for the first hour because of the c-section, I understood the importance of that time. I was able to direct my husband, whose voice she also knew, to go be by her side for that first hour until I could hold her. I also had him bring her near to me as soon as all of the hospital staff was done with her so she could be near me and hear my voice even if I couldn’t touch her. It was so difficult, but at least I wasn’t totally ignorant of how important that first hour was. I also managed to get in our first breast feeding. It was just over an hour, and it wasn’t as successful as I could have hoped because of all the drugs in our systems, but I would probably not have even tried so soon after the surgery if I hadn’t learned the importance of bonding, skin to skin contact, and getting in that first feeding as soon after birth as possible. I made a huge effort to feed often that night, although I was totally wrecked from 13 hours of back labor and the drugged up trauma of the c-section. It is very likely that these early attempts at the breast contributed enormously to saving breastfeeding for us. (We seem to be doing well there, although we had to work hard at it with pumping, and cup and spoon feeding, and repeated visits from lactation consultants both at the hospital and privately. Neither baby nor I would give it up!)

Your postpartum workshop was very valuable to me as well, perhaps even more so because I went through the c-section. It was so important to minimize stressors and organize assistance.

Just having an understanding of what my time would look like has helped me to feel more “normal” over these last three weeks. Every new mother, regardless of her type of birth, would be having to adjust to the sleep debt and feeding and care schedule. Knowing what to expect in terms of activities and differences in baby’s sleep patterns and mine has helped me to tolerate this very physically demanding time more easily.

I just wanted you to know that the information that you shared with me was useful and valuable, even though my birth experience did not enable me to participate fully in my baby’s first hour. I took away important things from both workshops that I was able to apply to our beginnings, and I’m so grateful that I was able to attend. I hope you will be able to continue to offer those workshops in the future. I will send whoever I can your way for them.

Thank you!

Colleen G


*** In the rare chance that I am called off on birth doula duties, the affected workshop will be re-scheduled. I’m sure you can all appreciate this! Thank you!***

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