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Maternity Consultant & Educator

As a maternity consultant (aka Baby Planner) Adriana is your personal, objective and supportive educator, coordinator and concierge.
Through her knowledge and experience in all things pregnancy, birth and newborn, and her familiarity with local resources and services, she can save you time, simplify your life, increase your confidence, lessen your stress levels, and help you become the parent you want to be.

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As a greenproofer, Adriana can bring sanity and simplicity to your quest of going green. While taking into consideration your maternal stage: trying to conceive, early/mid/late pregnancy, or newborn, she’ll analyze in detail the environments surrounding you, your baby, and the rest of the family. Together, you’ll consider your air quality, food, cleaning products, beauty products. You’ll look at toxins and stressors. Then you’ll make a customized, non-overwhelming game plan.

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