Birth Center Birth After 3 Miscarriages, with Shea Cole

For Shea Cole, getting pregnant was easy, the trick was staying pregnant. After 3 miscarriages, getting to the end of a pregnancy was a huge mix of happiness and relief, yet it brought along its own set of unusual circumstances, like Shea breaking her leg, having a stranger break into her house, and her water breaking 78 hours before the birth of her son. Go listen.


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What we talked about:

  • Going into it feeling prepared, healthy and hopeful
  • Easy to get pregnant, not to stay pregnant
  • Trying to get clarity and a proactive plan for pregnancy to stick
  • Miscarriages: So much more common than think
  • The feeling of (finally) going past the first trimester
  • Ina May and deciding on having a birth center birth with a midwife
  • Proactive measures to lessen the chances of a GBS positive test
  • That time when a stranger broke into her house around her due date, and she ends up breaking her leg
  • Water breaking without contractions
  • Bring on the breast pump and all the things!
  • “You can check me, but don’t tell me.”
  • “I must be near the end…”
  • From hypnobirthing calm to super loud vocalizing
  • Get more uncomfortable to make it happen
  • Finally pushing!
  • “I will call the ambulance, but you don’t have to get in.”
  • No tears and the prenatal use of the Epi-No
  • “I CAN do hard things!”


At 39 weeks and with a broken leg


Helpful resources, books, and articles*:


During labor at birth center


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3 weeks postpartum


Super happy baby!



Courtesy of Shea Cole

About Shea Cole

Shea Cole was born in Massachusetts and now resides in Quebec, Canada with her husband Felix, her son Baer, and her two dogs Mickey and Marcel. She works as VP Marketing for Fullscript, an online supplement dispensing platform for healthcare practitioners. Shea and her family live on a lake in the beautiful Canadian countryside. They spend most of their spare time enjoying nature together.





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