Nuchal Hand at Birth-Center Birth, with Sarah Winward

Sarah Winward’s story starts with some lovely swing dancing in the living room, and stomping through deep snow with her dog, then gets really intense, having Sarah ask herself over and over “Where is the break?! There’s supposed to be a break. Where is the break?!” Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • 3 years a doula, now it’s her turn to birth
  • Approaching birth with curiosity instead of fear
  • Long baby kicking her in the ribs
  • Swing dancing into early labor
  • Stomping through the snow and trying to have a normal day
  • “I hope it’s active labor”
  • Arriving at the birth center, and stripping right into the tub
  • “Where is the break?!”
  • Hypnobirthing vs. loud vocalization vs. nitrous oxide
  • Contractions doubling and tripling on each other
  • Pushing in all the positions… and liking being on her back
  • Husband catches slippery, baby that comes all at once!
  • Taking a moment to breathe, surrounded by calm
  • Processing with the birth records
  • Over preparing for postpartum, and when it’s not as bad as you thought
  • Do the things that make you feel normal
  • Getting past the initial breastfeeding difficulties
  • Get a doula!

Sarah as postpartum goddess


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Laughing milky goddess

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Photos by Shelly Ferguson Photography, courtesy of Sarah Winward

About Sarah Winward

Sarah is the mama of a busy 14-month-old son, Henry. She works as a Naturopathic Doctor, birth doula and lactation counselor in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about taking the fear out of birth and hopes that sharing her story will help others trust their instincts and their bodies.​ You can learn about her work at






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