Bringing Equity to Birth, with Denise Bolds

Despite increasingly high health care spending, the U.S. has one of the worst rates of deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth in the developed world. The damage goes beyond statistical data points, with rates of birth trauma also rising. And if you are a person of color, the situation is much worse. What is going on, and what can you do to help bring more equity into yours and all births? Denise Bolds tells us more about this important topic. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • U.S. ranking on maternal and infant health
  • Statistics of disparities in outcome and disparity in care for people of color
  • Why is it important for people to know this?
  • What is the history behind this injustice – where does it come from?
  • The different layers to the impact of stress
  • What can be done to create more justice and bring equity into the birthing room?
  • The importance of representation
  • The value of every single letter
  • What can pregnant people do to lessen the inequity in their experience?
  • What can birth workers (doulas, nurses, caregivers) do to lessen the inequity?


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Denise Bolds Birth Equity - Birthful Podcast

Courtesy of Denise Bolds

About Denise Bolds

Denise, a native New Yorker holds a MSW degree in social work, she is also a DONA International certified birth doula and is known as Bold Doula since 2014 with over 78 births of experience. She comes from a lineage of southern matriarchal healers. Denise is currently elected as Regional Director, Northeast, USA with DONA International as of January 2017. She is a author of several books, blogger and internet radio show host/producer with domestic and international listeners reflecting her empowering passion in maternal health disparities awareness and equality in birth work. Denise specializes in High Risk, VBACS, First Time Pregnancies, Same Sex and Hospital Births/Epidurals. She lives in Hell’s Kitchen and loves Mexican food, her Kindle and skydiving.

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