Can You Wait to Push Until the Doctor Arrives?, with Alyssa Jennings

After a difficult first labor with many interventions, Alyssa Jennings was determined that her next birth would be much different. So what decisions did she make that led her to having to contain the fetal ejection reflex until her doctor finally arrived to catch her second baby, and what magic words did her husband say to help her do this? Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • The annoyance of prodromal labor
  • “Can you break my water?” – collaborative decision making with your OB
  • Informal, water-breaking induction at the birth center
  • “What a relaxing atmosphere!”
  • And then the phone rang… being pulled into her thinking brain
  • “I think I need something”
  • Second guessing her decision of having Stadol (a narcotic)
  • The hard transition back into labor
  • Finally getting some rest
  • Passive descent with a peanut ball
  • That time when baby crowned for almost an hour
  • Birth partners: make sure you pee before pushing starts
  • “The next time is going to be so different”
  • Here we go again… with prodromal contractions
  • Keeping the secret to herself
  • Eating pizza in the tub
  • Getting all the love from the doulas in the cozy doula space
  • “Many mamas have labored here”
  • “In your mind, how do you see this progressing?”
  • Hospital, triage, trub
  • “… unless you want me to have a baby in the tub.”
  • How your partner can be the only one in the room who knows exactly what to say
  • Taking the pause to claim her baby
  • Breastfeeding: if it doesn’t feel right, something is up.
  • How Alyssa feels about her birth stories

Birth tub focus


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