Breech Vaginal Birth, with Anya Cutler

Anya Cutler had originally planned to give birth at a birth center with midwives, then at 36.5 weeks and after trying practically everything possible to encourage her baby to flip, she ended up transferring care to an OB-GYN that was experienced in vaginal breech delivery. She also shares about her unexpected and extremely challenging struggles feeding her baby. Go listen.

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What we talked about:

  • “If I read all the books, I can control it.”
  • Setting things up for an unmedicated vaginal birth at a birth center with midwives
  • Feeling like this baby is not head down
  • Ultrasound confirmation at 36.5 weeks – now what?!
  • Looking for options and doing all the things (including lying head down on ironing board)
  • Trying a version: “This baby is really stuck in there.”
  • Finding an OB who knows breech!
  • Needing to satisfy a strict set of criteria
  • True collaborative care and believing that she could do this
  • “I’m not convinced you are not in labor…”
  • Getting to the hospital almost ready to go!
  • The grounding comfort of music to stay calm
  • Small push to break the bag of waters?
  • Truly old-school: paracervical blocks
  • “I have to be where to push?”
  • Sneaking in the music speaker to keep her grounded in the OR
  • And then there she was!
  • Exclusive pumping is the worst… and mastitis… and dwindling milk supply
  • The lessons of a challenging breastfeeding experience
  • Finding other ways to bond


Knitting on the ironing board


Helpful resources, books, and articles*:


Smiling on the hospital throne


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With daddy, and those straight breech legs!



Courtesy of Anya Cutler

About Anya Cutler

Anya Cutler currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her 4th-year medical student husband, dog, and 2.5 month-old daughter. She works as a staff scientist in a pollinator research lab at Emory University. She enjoys baking sourdough bread, hiking, biking, reading, playing piano, and basking in the thrills of new mama-hood.






Title music:Vibe Aceby Kevin MacLeod, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

Sponsorship music:Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

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