Fast Birth, Hard Postpartum, with Ivy Tumlinson

Ivy Tumlinson shares the challenges of her postpartum experience after a fast and furious, unmedicated, low-intervention hospital birth, which included breastfeeding issues that lead to exclusively pumping and difficulties in healing her pelvic floor. Check out what helped her find her way, and what she would do differently next time.


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What we talked about:

  • The excitement of first contractions
  • Ignore it until you can’t ignore it anymore
  • Early labor at the salon
  • Taking the wrong turn to the hospital
  • Your cervix is not a crystal ball, and yet…
  • 30 minutes from arrival to baby!
  • Feeling shell shocked, and a badass
  • Breastfeeding issues and not so helpful advice in hospital
  • Horrible first night, but breastfeeding help is on the way
  • “None of this is going to work if either of you is crying”
  • Feeling defeated
  • Exclusively pumping for 6 weeks, then adjusting expectations
  • Losing a stitch
  • 6 weeks: back to exercising, but not sex
  • Getting help from a pelvic floor specialist


“What just happened?!”


Resources and links to info mentioned on the show*:


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