[Birth Stories] Different Births, Different Wishes, with Krissy Whitehead

For her first birth, Krissy Whitehead didn’t have much of a plan, other than getting an epidural. That birth was a lovely experience, so what made her alter her birth wishes with each consecutive birth, and choose a home waterbirth for her fourth one? Go listen.


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What we talked about:

  • Birth One: A lovely epidural birth
  • Birth Two: Let’s do the same thing again
    • Membrane sweep and an easy start
    • The magical six cms.
    • Too fast, quite furious
    • Blow in nurse’s face as her only coping mechanism
    • What is this euphoria I’m feeling?
  • Birth Three: Preparing for an unmedicated birth
    • Taking the classes, doing all the things
    • What if I fall asleep and my water breaks? Oh, wait.
    • Come hang out at the hospital
    • “Just give me another hour.”
    • Six cms: “Call the doc… nevermind, baby’s here.”
    • On Fetal Ejection Reflex
  • Birth Four: Let’s stay at home!
    • Feeling supported instead of tolerated
    • Going past the due date, by a lot
    • A gentle start, filling the pool, wanting her kids around
    • Doing bedtime in active labor
    • Delivering her baby into her own hands
    • The benefits of a more supported and knowledgeable postpartum


Working through the intensity


Resources mentioned and other helpful links*:


Immediate skin to skin


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Images courtesy of Krissy Whitehead

About Krissy Whitehead

Krissy Whitehead is wife to Greg and a stay at home mom to 4 girls. Her passion is educating about the things that she’s interested in! Some of those things include toxin-free living and all things birth related!.





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