Herbs in Pregnancy and Postpartum, With Kathleen Mugnolo

Herbs can be micronutrient powerhouses, that support your immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, but some of them may not be recommended  during this time of your life. With conflicting messages about what to take when, how should you approach these plants to figure out what works for you? Kathleen Mugnolo has answers. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • What herbs are right for YOU?
  • Considerations for the 1st. Trimester
  • The power of micronutrients and ritual
  • What you need to know about red raspberry leaf
  • A few very mighty plants
  • Putting together your “Everybody Needs This” tea
  • Stuff you should stay away from
  • Understanding quantity, source, and timing
  • Culinary herbs and medicinal herbs: difference of intent
  • Supporting your liver, immune system, and nervous system
  • What about constipation?
  • What is GBS, and can you do something about it, herbally?
  • Lessening nausea
  • Healing herbs for your perineum
  • Herbal considerations when breastfeeding
  • Herbs and inductions


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Courtesy of Kathleen Mugnolo

About Kathleen Mugnolo

Kathleen Mugnolo has been practicing birth work for 12 years and holds an Advanced Holistic Doula Certification through The Matrona.

Matching her enthusiasm for birth is a love of the plant world. Kathleen feels the use of herbs to support our bodies and personal journeys is our birthright. Following several years of self study, she completed her first herbal apprenticeship at Heartstone Center for Earths Essentials in 2010 and is currently working through the Herbal Medicine For Women course offered by Aviva Romm.

Kathleen holds a conviction that we need to know how to bring health to our bodies with plants, and that further communion with the plant world will open yet another avenue toward the healing of our planet. Possessing the knowledge to maintain our own health is an expression of much needed autonomy. Herbal medicine offers a way to move from a managed medical paradigm, to one where individuals take charge of their own health.

Kathleen also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Art, is a trained lower elementary Montessori teacher, and is learning to play the banjo. She’s the mother of three, ages 18, 5, and 3, and feels her experience giving birth and raising children qualifies her for so much more than any letters she could earn.

Learn more at KathleenMugnolo.com


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