Liberating Homebirth Transfer to Hospital, with Julia C.

Julia is the daughter of a midwife, who grew up immersed in birth culture. For as long as she can remember, she had hoped for a home water birth. What happens when labor has other plans, that include a transfer to the hospital? Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • Growing up in a birth-y environment
  • Romanticizing birth?
  • Midwifery shortage and benefits of having midwifery care
  • Suspecting a posterior baby
  • “Can I get into the birthing tub now?”
  • Horrible back pain the entire day
  • Feeling heartbroken by the idea of going to a hospital
  • Feeling liberated by deciding on accepting pain options
  • Freeing herself from expectations and “shoulds”
  • Mom around to “take her wrath”
  • Getting her sense of humor back with laughing gas
  • Nervous about placenta
  • “I wasn’t able to manage pain with mantras and in the end I did feel very much out of control and overtaken by the pain.”
  • “The power from labor has just come from doing it at all and having experienced it in all the kinds of stages and all the kinds of ways that I did.”
  • “The power of birth is not something to master, it’s just something to be in awe of.”
  • We can do hard things
  • The importance of advocating for midwifery


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All photos used with permission, courtesy of Julia C.


Julia Crabbe - Birthful Podcast Birth Story

Courtesy of Julia C.

About Julia C.

Julia C. lives in Halifax. Nova Scotia. Canada. with partner Pete and 7 month old baby Phoebe. She’s a lawyer, off on one year parental leave. Her mom is a midwife mom (delivered 3000+ babies), and Julia grew up around birth and midwives her whole life.







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