From Hospital to Homebirth in 3 Births, with Krista Thompson

Krista Thompson shares her progression from a prodromal labor that ended with her baby being taken to the NICU, to a precipitous second hospital birth with Fetal Ejection Reflex, and finally an unassisted-like homebirth experience. She also gives us a glimpse into her struggles with codependency, and why it was so important for her to take the reigns of her last pregnancy. Go listen.

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What we talked about:

  • A first long, prodromal birth with Chorioamnionitis markers and NICU separation
  • Preparing and approaching birth vert differently
  • Being a “labor denier”
  • A comical drive to the hospital
  • “Fill the tub!”
  • Fetal Ejection Reflex
  • From “they won’t let me” to “don’t touch me”
  • Taking in her baby, with no separation
  • An easier recovery
  • Third time around… and filing for divorce
  • Taking back her pregnancy
  • Hands-off, mother-led care
  • On her way to Laborland
  • Asking for an unassisted-like experience
  • Catching her own baby


Deep into labor land


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It’s a girl!


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Taking her in



About Krista Thompson

Courtesy of Krista Thompson

Krista Thompson describes herself as a “recovering superwoman,” (and has the blog to back it up). Her addiction was never to a drug or chemical, but to herself. She loved thinking she could do it all and even loved trying to do it all. Until she realized that was no way to live a life. Now she’s taking her journey one day at a time.

Some of the areas that she’s currently passionate about are the Montessori method of education, codependency and empath recovery, being a working mom/lawyer mom, life with 3 kids under 3, and all things birth!

Learn more at or follow her on Instagram @recoveringsuperwoman






Title music:Vibe Aceby Kevin MacLeod, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

Sponsorship music:Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

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