When Do You Make the Call for a Cesarean?, with Hayley Gallagher Katz

Hayley Gallagher Katz had set out to have a non-medicated waterbirth with a midwife and doula. So what happens after a month of prodromal labor, 40 hours of induction, the worst headache of her life, and lots of oozing meconium? Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • Four years + IVF = finally a baby!
  • Planning an unmedicated waterbirth with a midwife and doula
  • The anticipation of  a whole month of prodromal labor
  • A “not delightful” membrane sweep
  • 10 days past, with really bad headaches
  • Deciding on an induction
  • “It’s like your brain is having the contractions!!”
  • More Pit vs. break water vs. turn it off and reset
  • Switch to Cytotec (prostagladins)
  • Happy to finally feel some contraction pain, for a change!
  • In goes the IntraUterine Pressure Catheter (IUPC), out pours the meconium
  • Taking the time to call a friend
  • Making a decision from a place of confidence AND being treated with respect and kindness
  • The importance of learning about cesareans
  • A calm and considerate cesarean
  • Skin-to-skin for dad
  • Taking charge: “How do we get out of here before Christmas?”
  • Going through 2 doulas


Meeting baby!


Resources and links to info mentioned on the show*:


Hayley and baby, nose to nose


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