Invoking Labor Before an Induction for a Redemptive Birth, with Lydia Palermo

Lydia Palermo’s first birth started with a premature induction for preeclampsia, and resulted in many interventions. When she was diagnosed again with preeclampsia during her second pregnancy, and was looking at another imminent induction, she did everything in her power to get labor going, to hopefully birth on her own terms. Did it work? Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • Getting diagnosed with preeclampsia at 36 weeks
  • Choice: take magnesium or start an induction
  • Prostaglandins, Pitocin, and a rising blood pressure
  • An epidural to lower blood pressure… and more
  • Taking a break
  • Time to push!
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Where’s the milk?
  • Learning she was pregnant from her dog!
  • Doing all the things to control her blood pressure
  • Week 36: You’re clear! Just kidding.
  • All the things and her plight to the universe to get labor to start on its own
  • “You’re yelling a lot…”
  • When your midwife (whose 45 min away) tells you to “get to the nearest hospital!”
  • Birthing half in the bed, half in a wheelchair
  • So happy about the birth
  • … and still no milk

Lydia with her newborn


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About Lydia Palermo

Lydia Palermo with her daughter

Lydia Palermo is married to Scott. They have a 7 year old named Bella and a 5 month old, Marcus. They all  live in Colorado. Lydia studied holistic nutrition in grad school, but doesn’t work in the field at the moment. She loves to study nutrition, and was a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition non-profit, for several years.







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