A non-linear birth from Israel, with Jacky Braun Zuker

Jacky Braun Zuker lives in Israel, and her birth story is a testament of how birth is not linear, how you can find your voice during labor, how care providers truly need to listen to the birthing person, and the importance of informing your intuition. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • Realizing they’re having a baby
  • Creating birth wishes, and understanding more about the process
  • Listen to your body
  • Sort of having a doula
  • A slow and long start
  • First trip to the hospital
  • Taking it hour by hour
  • A surprise 10-year reunion
  • Listen to your uncle…
  • Trying to find a room
  • Using a TENS machine
  • Feeling “stuck” at 5 cms
  • Considering the epidural
  • Her cousin arrives, brings a new perspective
  • The power of vocalization
  • This monitor is coming off!
  • “She’s coming down the canal.” “No, she’s not.” “Yes, she is!”
  • Crowning and touching her head
  • “Let’s do it quickly, but not too quickly.”
  • Baby is born!
  • How she was changed

Birth selfie


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Tired but going strong


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All images courtesy of Jacky Braun Zuker

Jacky Braun Zuker

Jacky Braun Zuker is an online marketing manager for an autonomous cyber security company & hobbyist photographer. A Guatemalan born traveler, she has visited almost all continents on earth from the Middle East to New Zealand. She’s a creative soul and “recently” a loving parent. Jacky loves to capture moments and share a piece of her experience of birthing a beautiful lil human. Learn more at  jackybraunzuker.smugmug.com






Title music:Vibe Aceby Kevin MacLeod, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

Sponsorship music:Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

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