Essentials of Partner Labor Support during a Pandemic, with Adriana Lozada

In today’s episode, Adriana Lozada focuses on the essentials of partner labor support during this time of the pandemic. Many hospitals are limiting birth support to one healthy person, so we wanted to do a special episode on how to prepare for providing labor support during these times, and also help birth partners feel more confident about their active involvement in the process. Go listen.


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What we talked about:

  • Preparation for providing support in the times of COVID-19
  • Determining your birth feelings
  • Setting the stage
  • Gathering your tools
  • Requests for your nurse
  • Follow the labor
  • Tension release
  • Move and rest; rest and move
  • Bringing your calm
  • Advocacy


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PREGNANCY DURING A PANDEMIC // With so much uncertainty around birth & delivery options, fears about receiving appropriate #prenatalcare , & anxieties about the everchanging policies around #laboranddelivery, my conversations with my #pregnant clients has taken a sharp turn in the last week or so. ? One common theme I’m seeing with my private clients and in the community at large is how much grief is present. There are many non-death losses that are happening for pregnant women around the world right now that need & deserve to be grieved. ? Grief is a physiologically taxing experience, especially during #pregnancy. So it’s critical that you allow yourself to release this grief as quickly as possible to prevent the stress from unresolved grief from impacting your #pregnancy & delivery. ? Check out Chapter 4 of Pregnancy Brain on grieving during pregnancy. I’m also working on a Pregnancy Brain course that takes stress release during pregnancy to a deeper level. Should be available in a week or two for you! Link in profile @healthy.highriskpregnancy. ? What are you grieving right now while being pregnant during a pandemic? Let us know below! ? #highriskpregnancy #pregnantafterloss #palssupport #recurrentpregnancyloss #pregnancyafterloss #pregnancyaftermiscarriage #preeclampsiaawareness #pregnantafterpreemie #pregnancyafterpreemie #lossmom #pregnantafterinfertility #IVFjourney #IVFbaby #rainbowbaby #miraclebaby #pregnantwithtwins #maternalfetalmedicine #laboranddeliverynurse #pregnantlife #pregnancybrainbook #mamaglow #ideservebirthsupport #pregnancyzone #doulalife

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