Cesarean Birth With Additional Mental Adjustments, with Dr. Amber Thornton

Amber Thornton worked hard for a healthy pregnancy and unmedicated vaginal birth, but she didn’t expect her water to released before 39 weeks. Despite an early hospital admission, labor progressed right along, until it didn’t. Check it out.

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What we talked about:

  • Going into a new pregnancy after a pregnancy loss
  • Working through all the fears and gathering information
  • Water trickles at nearly 39 weeks
  • A surprising 4 cms
  • Feeling shocked and calm all at the same time
  • “I’m not getting a break”
  • Processing getting an epidural
  • Getting to 10 cms and directed pushing
  • Advocating for more time, trying more positions
  • When the nurses say one thing, and the doctor says another
  • Feeling all the feelings and her husband’s reassurance
  • When fear outshines the birth
  • Reassurance and lots of skin-to-skin
  • Feeling on cloud nine
  • Breastfeeding difficulties and advocating for syringe feeding
  • The beauty of hand expressing!
  • Getting through the obstacles, one success at a time
  • So. much. pumping.


Amber and her baby in the OR


Resources and links to info mentioned on the show*:

Lots of skin-to-skin in while recovering


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Courtesy of Amber Thornton

About Dr. Amber Thornton

Amber Thornton is a licensed clinical psychologist and new mom, living in the DC area. As a psychologist, her clinical interests include children and adolescents, college counseling, family systems, the psychological impacts of complex trauma, and diversity and multiculturalism. She is most passionate about providing services to marginalized and underserved communities. She believes that clinical psychology and mental health service are beneficial to everyone, but only when it is tailored to fit the specific needs and unique identity of the individual. Because of that, culture and identity are fundamental to her clinical and psychological approach. One size does not fit all.

Amber is also the host of the podcast “A Different Perspective”.

Find out more at dramberthornton.com





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