A Nourishing Ayurvedic Postpartum, with Chelsea Wiley

Chelsea Wiley had a fast and furious first birth, followed by a postpartum period that left her feeling overwhelmed, isolated and unprepared for being a parent. After realizing she was the one that needed mothering, she prepared differently during her second pregnancy by using traditional ayurvedic tools that helped her slow down, improved her postpartum experience and recovery, and changed the course of her life. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • Her first postpartum experience after a super fast birth
  • Not setting up enough postpartum care
  • Struggling with not being able to let go of all the “shoulds”
  • Matching your baby’s emotions
  • Breastsleeping and keeping baby close
  • How not stitching her perineum forced her to slow down
  • Embracing kundalini and ayurvedic ways during her second pregnancy
  • The three mind-body types (doshas): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
  • 40 days of recovery for 40 years of health
  • Eating warm and easy to digest foods
  • Being more prepared for the presence of the baby
  • Paying attention to the sounds around the baby (creating a sound container)
  • Building your village
  • Setting up a babysitting trading group
  • Take the help!

Chelsea with her newborn


Links to helpful resources*:

Baby gets weighted, homebirth style


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Chelsea cuddles her baby


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Courtesy of Chelsea Wiley

About Chelsea Wiley

Chelsea Wiley, FNP is the author of Mystical Motherhood: Create a Happy and Conscious Family A Guidebook for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. She uses her background in Western and Eastern Medicine to help women enhance their fertility, conceive consciously, maintain a healthy pregnancy and raise enlightened children.  Her vision is that families across the globe will awaken to their full potential and raise vibrant, healthy, and happy children. To work with her or purchase Mystical Motherhood visit www.mysticalmotherhood.com



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