Pleasure-Filled Homebirth During COVID, with Maya Ehnat

Maya’s second homebirth was in strong contrast with her first. Instead of almost three days, labor flowed so fast that her midwife nearly missed it. During her first, the pushing stage was also quite difficult, and so much of the preparation she did during her second pregnancy was guided by a desire to minimize trauma and bring heaps of pleasure and joy into the experience. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • A challenging first birth that both shook her and woke her up
  • Observing the birth sensations
  • Processing the birth postpartum and healing from heavy blood loss
  • Second pregnancy: focusing on having better pushing and postpartum experiences
  • Planning for a homebirth and avoiding the hospital afterward
  • Minimal COVID changes
  • Inviting their toddler into his brother’s labor
  • Labor ramps up while her husband is on his way, and her dad fills the pool
  • Joy and excitement that things are moving along so quickly (but still in denial)
  • “There needs to be water in this tub, and I need to get in it.”
  • Finding peace in the tub
  • Letting the sensations flow through her and “unkinking the hose.”
  • Connecting with herself in movement, thoughts, and touch
  • “Pushing isn’t part of my birthing plan.”
  • Roaring out her baby
  • Softening as things tighten
  • Midwife arrives just in time
  • Feeling elated with her newborn
  • A fluid process from birth to postpartum
  • Adjusting for visitors and postpartum support during COVID-19


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Delivering her baby


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Courtesy of Maya Ehnat

About Maya Ehnat

Maya Revilla Ehnat is a mom of two boys and a yoga teacher. She and her husband live with her parents and in-laws, in village community living. They are also about to open a health and yoga center. Find out more at






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