When Postpartum Anxiety and Panic Come out of Nowhere, With Kayla Sanmiguel

Having had two flawless postpartum periods under her belt, Kayla Sanmiguel didn’t know how to cope when postpartum anxiety and severe panic disorder came out of nowhere after her third birth. Listen to what she learned from her experiences, and how she’s approaching the birth of her fourth baby very differently, armed with new tools and wisdom. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • Her first two seamless postpartum experiences
  • Enduring weeks of prodromal labor for her third
  • Where’s my “just-had-a-baby high”?
  • Panic attacks are no joke!
  • Dealing with Postpartum Panic Disorder
  • The impact of intense tragic losses before birth #2 and birth #3
  • “I didn’t feel like myself”
  • Getting help
  • Coping mechanisms that helped
  • Taking ownership of her body and the process
  • The humbling awakening of postpartum mood disorders
  • The need for preparing anew for each birth
  • Her postpartum preparation plan for #4
  • Finding comfort in knowledge
  • You are not alone!

Kayla meets her newborn


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Kayla with her husband and newborn


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The whole family! – Courtesy of Kayla Sanmiguel

About Kayla Sanmiguel

Kayla Sanmiguel lives in Saint Paul, MN with her husband Javier and their four children. She works in Institutional Advancement for The Saint Paul Seminary and otherwise spends her time soaking up these fleeting years when toddlers run amok. You can find her thoughts on faith and psychology at Mind & Spirit.


All photos Courtesy of Kayla Sanmiguel




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