Hard Postpartum After Back-Labor Induction, with Sarah Fowler

What can you do after a truly exhausting birth leaves you in a daze, you’ve got intersecting breastfeeding issues and postpartum anxiety, you feel you are bonding more with your breast pump than your baby, have to return to work, and you don’t know how to ask for help? Sarah Fowler shares her experience. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • Setting down her birth intentions, gathering the birth team
  • Asking for a membrane sweep
  • Deadline of 41+5
  • On the induction ride
  • Intense, strong and fast start
  • Stop looking at the monitor!
  • Doula brings the calm
  • Adjusting to not being able to get in the tub
  • Fentanyl, tens unit, nitrous oxide: nope, nope, nope
  • Exhausted and drained
  • Intense back-labor pushing with high baby
  • Stop and try again later
  • Seeing hair, but needing a vacuum
  • “I just want my baby.”
  • Feelings of missing out
  • Anxiety and not asking for help
  • All the breastfeeding issues
  • Being a slave to the pump
  • The relief of stopping breastfeeding
  • On processing it all

Done being pregnant.


Resources and links to info mentioned on the show:


Sarah’s 11-pound baby


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