Postpartum during COVID, with Elly Taylor

Postpartum can be a difficult and very isolating time of life. That’s why building your village of support ahead of time is so incredibly important. But what do you do when your village is also in isolation? How can you and your partner support yourselves and each other during these times? Perinatal relationship specialist Elly Taylor has answers. Go listen.


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What we talked about:

  • Why preparing for postpartum shouldn’t be an afterthought
  • The three aspects that require the most tending during postpartum
  • Managing your postpartum expectations (with yourself and each other)
  • Communication and conflict during postpartum
  • How worldwide isolation affects postpartum families
  • The problem with trying to fit your baby into your life
  • Anxiety and conflict
  • Blame and judgment
  • Self-care and checking in
  • I statements
  • Creating your village of support during times of social distancing
  • What causes parental burnout and what does it look like?
  • What parents can do to minimize or recover from burnout
  • How parents can support each other during these times
  • Asking for what you need


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About Elly Taylor

Courtesy of Elly Taylor

Elly Taylor is a perinatal relationship specialist, author, and founder of Becoming Us. Elly’s passion is supporting the mental, emotional, and relationship wellbeing of expectant and new mothers, fathers, and partners, so they have the groundwork for growing happy and healthy families. She lives in Sydney with her husband, their three children, and a bunch of pets.

Find out more and connect with Elly at

And if you are a birth professional, check out her new short course: Seed Planting Workshop filled with easy ways to plant seeds for expecting parents on what steps they can take to support the mental, emotional, and relationship wellbeing of the whole family.


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