Premie Hospital Birth with NICU Stay vs. Birth Center Birth, with Vanessa Young

What happens when you plan for a birth center waterbirth and you end up with a 34 week preemie, and an onslaught of breastfeeding obstacles? How does this help you prepare differently for your next birth and postpartum? Vanessa Young shares her perspective. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • The plan: waterbirth at birth center
  • The reality: water broke at 354 weeks
  • A good birth followed by a very challenging postpartum with a premie
  • Baby is whisked away
  • Conquering a myriad of breastfeeding challenges
  • Going from NICU to home: what do we do without the machines?
  • Building a solid team with your pediatrician
  • When protection becomes isolating
  • The difference a tongue tie release makes!
  • Her brewing postpartum depression … and pneumonia … and shingles …
  • New pregnancy goals: go beyond 34 weeks, birth at birth center
  • Feeling annoyed or starting labor?
  • Prodromal turns into a gallop
  • When no one will answer their phone
  • A showing water release
  • Feeling great in the water
  • Dealing with an early urge to push
  • Getting to hold her baby for hours!
  • Her imagery for going deep into labor
  • Two very different postpartums
  • Paying attention to what your body is saying
  • Helpful tips for dealing with anxiety
  • Helpful kits for getting home ready (see my favorite things below 🙂 )
  • Transitioning from 1 to 2
  • Taking care of herself

Holding son for 20 short minutes, about 15 minutes after he was born, before he headed to the NICU.


Resources and links to info mentioned on the show*:


Ideas to create your own breastfeeding/diapering/postpartum kits:


Son in the NICU, under lights


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Her son’s first latch!


Heading into transition during labor with her daughter.

Happy mama, snuggles her daughter moments after birth


First week postpartum with 2 little ones



About Vanessa Young

Vanessa is a mama to two high energy happy little toddlers who she enjoys parenting with her wonderful husband who spends a good portion of the year touring with the Army Field Band. She is also a yoga instructor, professional musician (harpist) and doula in-training. As a self-proclaimed birth junkie, she enjoys all things birth and her favorite thing to teach is her yoga birth class series.




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