Better Pregnancy Sleep, with Mar Oscategui

Between body aches, a mind that won’t quiet down, heartburn, and the never-ending trips to the bathroom, getting a good night sleep while pregnant can seem like an impossible goal. So what can you do to make it better, and will doing these things improve your family’s sleep after baby arrives? Mar Oscategui has answers. Check it out.

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What we talked about:

  • What makes sleeping during pregnancy so difficult.
  • Is what you eat during the day, keeping you up at night?
  • Lessening your nighttime awakenings
  • Quieting the racing mind
  • Do naps help or hurt?
  • Strengthening your own natural rhythm
  • Getting used to a bedtime routine
  • The beauty of Yoga Nidra
  • Is your sleep environment helping or hurting?
  • How do your sleep habits affect your baby’s sleep, and your postpartum experience?


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Courtesy of Mar De Carlo

About Mar De Carlo (Oscategui)

Mary “Mar” De Carlo (Oscategui) is a holistic health, lifestyle, business coach, author, artist, performer, group facilitator and founder of several global companies. She enjoys advising and coaching businesses and entrepreneurs in the fitness, yoga, wellness and birth industries along with regularly teaching in person and online group classes. For Mar, business is personal and as a result her work holistically integrates scientific research and intuitive knowledge using the modalities of yoga, dance, Pilates, nutrition, fitness, reiki, dance, energy work, stress management, green living, meditation, sleep and rest. She is a mom to two children and the author of three books: “Green Body Green Birth”, “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need to Know”, and “Awakening Through Sleep: A Transformational and Spiritual Guide to Pregnancy, Parent and Child Sleep“.

Connect with her through her website at, or on Facebook




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Sponsorship music:Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, from the Free Music Archive / CC BY (edited for length).

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