Restoring Your Uterus, with Valerie Lynn

More and more, we’re acknowledging the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. Let’s take it one step further, to consider how the uterus connects to general health: What happens to the uterus during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum? Why is it important to restore the uterus after having a baby? Valerie Lynn has answers. Check it out.

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What we talked about:

  • How does the health of the uterus connect to general health?
  • What happens to the uterus during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum?
  • The involution process
  • Why is it important to restore the uterus?
  • What are some steps to do that?
  • Hormones, digestion, breastmilk, and flatulence
  • Relaxin and the usefulness of wraps and bands
  • Creating a plan of recovery and uninterrupted downtime
  • Ways to replete the depletion
  • Timing of recovery
  • Enlisting your team and resources


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About Valerie Lynn

Courtesy of Valerie Lynn

Valerie Lynn, in an expert in traditional feminine healthcare specializing in postpartum recovery. Valerie, known as The Mommy Planner, has been a major force in modernizing and introducing after-birth recovery practices from Asia and more specifically the Malaysian traditions, techniques and treatments to women globally.  She experienced postpartum anxiety and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) after the birth of her son in 2007, for twelve-months, while living in Malaysia. Valerie turned to traditional feminine healthcare to re-balance her hormones and heal herself naturally with herbs, feminine-focused body treatments and an enriching postnatal diet.

While living in Asia for over 20 years, with twelve years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she researched, wrote and published her first book, The Mommy Plan, Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally. Using women’s traditional wisdom in Malaysia by way of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Traditional Complementary Medicine department. Valerie conducted research in hospitals and in the field. Malaysia is leading the world in after birth care with the lowest rates of postpartum mood & anxiety disorders in the world at just 3%.

Valerie offers training in traditional after birth care, herbal body treatments, massage and abdominal wrapping. Learn more at




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