Showing up at Your Birth, with Shalome Stone

Here’s the thing about preparing for birth: you can read all the books, take all the classes, listen to all the podcasts, set up a dream birth team, but no amount of preparation will get the birthing done for you. So, are you doing the inner work that will allow you to step up and own your birth? Rockstar Birth Mentor, Shalome Stone tell us more. Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • What does it mean to own your birth? Why does it this matter?
  • What can you do to prepare to truly show up at your birth?
  • Pregnancy period as an opportunity to prepare for birth. Will you use it wisely?
  • “Going with the flow is not a birth plan”
  • The benefit for inner work during pregnancy
  • Reflecting on how you want to feel during birth
  • The benefit for outer work during pregnancy
  • Where and with whom will you birth?
  • Watching out for red flags
  • Your “birth bouncers” and “birth cheerleaders”
  • Being ok with the “woo”
  • Letting your body’s reactions guide you during pregnancy and birth
  • Facing and embracing your fears
  • Surrendering is not the same as giving up control
  • Learning from birth stories
  • What if you have a cesarean? The possibility of positive cesarean births


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Shalome Stone

Courtesy of Shalome Stone

Shalome Stone, Rockstar Birth Mentor

A generous and stimulating communicator, Shalome Stone creates luscious platforms to share inspired birth wisdom, bust through birthing stereotypes, and raise the vibration around birth.
The Founder of the Rockstar Birth Magazine  the Rockstar Birth Radio podcast, and the international Rock Your Birth Academy  Shalome has a desire to shift the birthing scene from its focus on statistics and fear-mongering, to a place of respect, integrity, and woman-centered sacred encounters.
Through her own hospital and home birth experiences, Shalome came to realize that the power we need to birth does not come from a due date, or a medical intervention. It comes from deep within. From a place of stepping up to birth; of an intuitive knowing that you feel in your body; and from the womb wisdom of the generations of women who have birthed before us.
Sharing birth stories of every flavor, Shalome crafts connections that inspire questions, agitate for change, and cause her audience to pause and reflect on their own unique birthing journeys. You can connect with Shalome at shalome [at] rockstarbirth [dot] com, at, or follow the conversation at and


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