Finding Closure from a Traumatic Birth, with Danielle Ford

Danielle Ford’s first birth happened when she was very young, not very educated in the process, and it included a long induction and an epidural. It wasn’t until getting pregnant 10 years later that she realized she carried a lot of trauma from birth number one. So what did she do differently the second time around to help her heal and have a much better experience? Check it out!


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What we talked about:

  • High blood pressure leading to induction
  • The problem with not self-advocating is you end up on your back for 29 hrs.
  • Realizing the trauma your didn’t know you had
  • Preparing for an intentional birth experience
  • Facing another induction, even though blood pressure was fine
  • Gathering herself and advocating to determine if induction was really needed
  • Getting through a devastating prenatal appointment
  • The joy of going into labor on her own
  • Finding so much relief in water
  • Connecting through gratitude with baby in the belly
  • “Now I won’t be able to eat tacos!”
  • Doing dishes and dancing (aka. ignore it until you can’t ignore it anymore)
  • The power of a birth preferences worksheet
  • And then there wasn’t a tub!
  • Setting the stage
  • To check or not to check…
  • The sacred space of the “quietude”
  • To break or not to break (the waters)…
  • The unbearable urge that comes early!
  • Letting her body decide the position
  • What my body did vs. what was done to me
  • Having the tools to navigate her postpartum mental state


Danielle Ford and husband connect over wedding song


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