Unassisted Homebirth After VBAC, with Nichole Joy

Today’s birth story, is with Nichole Joy, whose experiences have taken her from a Cesarean birth, to a VBAC, to an unexpected and unassisted homebirth. She has gone from being afraid of giving birth and letting others guide her decision making, to trusting the process and being able to tell an EMT to “get your hand off of my vagina” as her baby’s body was about to emerge. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • The “go with the flow” pregnancy
  • The recommended scheduled cesarean
  • The move to Chicago and learning about VBACs
  • The VBAC preparation and switching providers
  • Back to Tampa – armed for a second VBAC
  • Going into the process of a super fast labor
  • The fight to keep the clothes off
  • Keeping the crowning to herself
  • Doulas and EMTs join the party
  • Feeling all the feels
  • Being transformed every step of the way

Nichole on her way to the hospital, after unassisted homebirth


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About Nichole Joy

Nichole Joy is a passionate HBAVBAC (home birth after vaginal birth after Cesarean) mom of 3, pregnancy coach, birth doula, childbirth educator and host of Empowered Moms.

In August, Nichole had an unplanned, unassisted home birth that was under three hours. It was just her husband and her until her doula arrived (after her baby’s head was crowning). The EMTs arrived shortly after and gave her a lift to the hospital to get checked out for some postpartum hemorrhaging.

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