Getting Over the Fear of Unmedicated Birth, with Mariah Robinson

Mariah Robinson has had four very different birth stories, that include a traumatic vaginal birth with an epidural, two inductions with one ending in a Cesarean, and an unplanned home birth with fetal ejection reflex, than involved her tablecloth. For this last one, she also put in a lot of work to get over her fears of an unmedicated birth. Check it out.

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What we talked about:

  • Going into birth without giving it much thought
  • A long birth with an epidural that was wearing off
  • “That was terrible.”
  • Second time around: make sure the epidural works
  • Good induction, good epidural… yet feeling something was missing
  • Third go: needing to be induced at 39 weeks
  • Long induction that isn’t working, and fears about her baby’s heart
  • Going through a Cesarean birth, and then from one hospital to another
  • Surprise! You’re doing it again
  • “What if there’s more to this experience?”
  • Thinking about her birth options and wanting a VBAC
  • Intrigued yet petrified about the thought of not having an epidural
  • From one OB to another and back
  • Why is there so much noise around unmedicated birth?
  • Getting over the fears
  • The paradigm shift of the purpose of pain
  • Touring the birth center, reassured by midwives
  • Getting out of the “past your due date” state of mind
  • Her private calm before the storm
  • Embracing the process
  • From “I can’t do this,“ to “I think I need to push.”
  • There’s a head, and a hand!
  • The fetal ejection reflex
  • The joy of not having to go anywhere
  • Her husband’s transformation


Mariah and her husband right after their daughter’s birth


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Courtesy of Mariah Robinson

About Mariah Robinson

Mariah Robinson is a stay at home mom to 3 boys ages 3, 5, and 7, and their newest addition to the family a 5-month-old baby girl. With her husband, she runs a company out of our home. After their first son was born, Mariah didn’t love nursing aprons so she came up with a better option for a nursing poncho that is more functional. They’ve been running that business, Cover Me Ponchos ever since. Mariah and her family live in Southern California and love the beach and biking together.





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