Embracing Imperfection in Time for a VBAC, with Laura Kline-Taylor

Laura Kline-Taylor spent most of her first pregnancy preparing for motherhood while healing from infidelity, and then had three days to get ready for an unexpected breech cesarean. Second time around, both she and her husband were in a much better place to come together to celebrate this new pregnancy, and intentionally prepare for an unmedicated VBAC. How was she transformed? Check it out.

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What we talked about:

  • Can I even get pregnant?
  • I’ll have the birth my mother had
  • Preparing for motherhood while healing from infidelity
  • Surprise: she’s breech!
  • 3 days to prepare for a gentle Cesarean
  • The night before the scheduled C/S… and all was not quiet
  • Voicing her needs = asking for quiet as baby emerges
  • Celebrating the new pregnancy as they had dreamed
  • Challenging the VBAC beliefs
  • Birthing her website while in labor
  • Waiting for her husband to mentally join her to go into laborland
  • Giving him not-so-subtle hints
  • Headphones to shut out the world
  • “On a scale of  1 to 10?” … Intense!
  • Born on the toilet… and on her own terms!


Laura with her newborn after a successful VBAC


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Postpartum fun with her toddler


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About Laura Kline-Taylor

Courtesy of Laura Kline-Taylor

Laura is a Life Coach and founder of “The Mothership” – a coaching program for career driven women who aspire to a motherhood experience where they set the stage for a powerful birth, healthy fourth trimester, and successful reintegration into their career. On The Mothership, women design and live into their own version of “it all” by getting as real with themselves about why they want to become mothers (and why they don’t) as they are about why they want to work. Instead of trading leadership for motherhood Laura’s clients discover how their vision and values for motherhood align with their commitments to personal and professional growth. Laura’s story today is of her journey into motherhood, where she navigated infidelity in her marriage and an unexpected cesarean surrounding her first birth, and an unmedicated VBAC and a new awareness of her own power with the birth of her son two years later.

Learn more at lauraklinetaylor.com





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