Diastasis and Tummy Fitness, with Bethany Learn

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #42

Today’s show is about diastasis recti, which is a separation between your abdominal muscles. It turns out that 2 in 3 women who have two or more babies have a diastasis, but why do they happen? Why are pregnant women more at risk? Can they be prevented? If you have one, how can you heal it?  Bethany Learn tells us more.

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What we talked about:

  • What is a diastasis recti?
  • Why diastasis are not just for moms.
  • Should you be worried? Functional vs. dysfunctional diastasis
  • Effects of a diastasis on the rest of your body
  • Your chemistry and diastasis
  • Are there things you can do to prevent it?
  • Awakening your inner queen for better posture
  • Why we love birth/exercise balls
  • Prenatal yoga & diastasis: things to watch out for
  • Smarter moving: no crunching, less sitting, more rolling
  • What to expect during postpartum recovery
  • Give yourself a hug: the debate on splinting (and benefits even if you don’t have a diastasis)
  • Your emotions and diastasis


More on diastasis and tummy fitness from Bethany (all the links she mentioned*):

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More on diastasis from other sources and systems*:


Pic of Bethany Learn

Courtesy of Bethany Learn

[mark]About Bethany Learn[/mark]

Bethany’s been into fitness practically her whole life. At just 18 years of age, she became certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and has maintained that certification with a wide variety of courses and workshops and personal research for 16 years. Bethany also holds a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Exercise and Sport Science with her option in Fitness Program Management.

More recently, she has aimed her focus on prenatal fitness and the importance of core strength for pregnant and new moms, as well as pelvic floor fitness. This shift came after she herself went through three pregnancies which left her with a muddled middle and feeling like a beginner again. Bethany realized that most of her training and experience with fitness was skewed toward bodies that have never been affected by surgery, pregnancy, or desk jobs, and she set out to change all that by making fitness accessible to everyday people. Through her FIT2B studio, she helps new parents get back into a fitness groove, through diastasis-aware workouts that allow new moms to unmuddle their middle without ripping their bodies apart.

Connect with Bethany on twitter (@fit2b), facebook, g+, pinterest and instagram (@fit2bstudio)!

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