10 Unforgettable Doula Moments, with Adriana Lozada

March 22nd through March 28th is World Doula Week, so I wanted to do a bit of celebrating by bringing you some fabulous birth moments, but from my doula perspective. And of course, I’ll be digging deeper by telling you WHY I think these moments are special. Check it out!

A big enormous and heartfelt thanks to all the families that have had me as their doula, and for letting me share these stories.

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My unforgettable doula moments:

  1. Stand & Delivery (Because movement is everything)
  2. When you can’t give up, surrender (…and surround yourself with the most supportive team)
  3. Long coming, piece of cake (It can be so hard; it can be so easy)
  4. Be Aware of the Deep (AKA car baby)
  5. Hail Mary with the Team (Get the medical staff to be as invested in this as you are)
  6. Look at him! (Keeping it cool while internally jumping for joy)
  7. Holding Space for Yourself as Well (Because birth takes everyone to places they’ve never been)
  8. Get Behind the Curtain! (Flexing your creative support muscle)
  9. Let Mama Catch her Breath! (…listen closely and believe what she says)
  10. Epidural do over (Exploring the magical possibilities of individualized care)


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World doula week page and World Doula Week website

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Photo Adriana LozadaAbout Adriana Lozada

Adriana is an advanced birth doula through DONA International, an eco-maternity consultant, a postpartum educator and a child sleep consultant. She’s a bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host. All part of her quest to help women have a smoother transition into motherhood.

As a postpartum educator, her current focus lies in preparing expecting parents for the first weeks with their newborns. Check out her “Thrive With Your Newborn” online postpartum preparation classes, to get ready for life with baby!

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