Dealing with Family & Visitors

When it comes to pregnancy, birth choices and baby care, everyone seems to have an opinion. So what happens when your choices don’t line up with the preference of those who surround you, and may even be involved in the care of your baby? Kate Turza tells us more. Check it out.


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What we talked about:

  • How to talk to friends and family members that may not support or understand your choices during pregnancy
  • What to do when your family members are in the medical field, and you feel judged on your choices
  • Navigating who should be present at your birth
  • Managing visitors during the hospital stay
  • How visitors can be of most help during the postpartum period
  • What to consider when planning who’s going to help you, and when
  • For how long should you plan to need help
  • Favorite strategies for making asking for help super easy
  • What can you do about family members that you don’t get along great with, but want to visit?
  • How to deal with opinionated helpers that are constantly undermining the way you
  • Defining your baby-care non-negotiables for when others watch your baby

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About Kate Turza

Kate is a mom of three beautiful, energetic, and loving kiddos and CAPPA-trained postpartum doula.  After experiencing a trying postpartum period after her third child was born, she began her training to become a postpartum doula. In addition to supporting families in home during the postpartum period, she’s created a Facebook group for moms in her area to have a safe place to ask advice, gain insight, and get the support we all need when navigating this intimate time.  She’s passionate about normalizing the postpartum and early motherhood period.

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You can also listen to Kate’s birth stories here.


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