Milksharing, with Amber Mccann

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #23

If you couldn’t breastfeed, would you look to give your baby donated human milk, formula, or something else? What are the risks and different options of milksharing? If you have an oversupply, would you consider donating? Amber Mccann is here to help us with these not-so-clear-cut questions, in this episode of the Birthful podcast.


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What we talked about:

  • What is milk sharing about?
  • Where does the milk come from?
  • The 4 pillars of safer milk sharing
  • What are the risk factors
  • To home pasteurize or not, that is the question
  • What milk banks are all about
  • Got extra milk? Where to donate


Super awesome links:

Groups Facilitating Milk Sharing & Raising Awareness:


Milk Banking resources:


Policy documents:


Other resources we talked about:

Setting the record straight: It turns out, Neil Patrick Harris was on talking about the breastmilk he got for his daughter on The Late Late Show, and not the David Letterman Show.


Even more cool stuff on milksharing and milk banks:



Courtesy of Amber Mccann

[mark]About Amber Mccann[/mark]

Amber Mccann is an international board certified lactation consultant who fell into her line of work by accident. After struggling with feeding her own kids and slogging through the grip of postpartum depression, she felt strongly that all that pain needed to be for good. She pursued what she initially suspected would be a lovely hobby, and turned it into the career she never knew she wanted.

She has provided guidance and support for a number of birth and breastfeeding organizations, including the GOLD Conferences, Hygeia Breast Pumps, and Lactation Education Resources, as well as maintaining a busy private practice.

She is a frequent guest blogger for popular websites such as The Leaky Boob and Best for Babes as well as serving as an expert for Fit Pregnancy, New Parent Magazine, The Boob Group, and Science and Sensibility, the official blog for Lamaze International.

Her current gig is at ILCA, which is the International Lactation Consultant Association, where she works to market and promote breastfeeding and lactation consultant practice on a global scale.
Check out Amber’s website at AmberMccann.como. While you’re there, connect with her social media, or shoot her an email at amber [at] ambermccann [dot] com.




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