Sleep Consultant

sleep con·sult·ant /slip kənˈsəltənt/

[dc]L[/dc]et’s be honest here: having a baby is an amazing and rewarding experience, but the sleep depravation that comes with it sucks. Big time.

As a maternity & child sleep consultant, I can help you get the sleep you need every step of the way, by establishing a healthy sleep foundation while considering your and your child’s physical needs, developmental factors, family dynamics, sleep context and environment, as well as emotional wellbeing.
This is not sleep training! I work with you to create a personalized plan that fits your particular stage and situation, meets your needs, and achieves your goals.


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[mark]During pregnancy:[/mark]

Sleep during pregnancy can be difficult, uncomfortable and restless. I can help you tweak what you are currently doing, to create healthy sleeping habits and get you the rest you need. more…

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[mark]With your newborn:[/mark]

During the “fourth trimester”, newborns have very distinct sleep patterns and needs, with nutrition playing a key role. Learn the how and why, plus ton of specific tips to get you more sleep now, and less problems in the future! more…

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[mark]Baby, toddler & beyond:[/mark]

Once babies hit 4 to 6 months, their sleep patterns and brains change. They now need help learning to sleep! Get the tools to teach your baby how to welcome slumber, while taking into consideration his/her temperament and your parenting style. more…


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