Kind Words from Past Doula Clients

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Here is a small collection of what my doula clients and doctors have written to, and about me through the years:

“You have an amazing ability to provide a sense of calmness during a stressful time! I look forward to having you by my side again for our next birth.”

Robin B.

 “Our birth experience sure was different from what we’d planned; with your help and presence, it was still a joyous and beautiful event. Thank you.”

Katie, Larry & Atia T.

“We feel so lucky to have experienced the labor and birth of our son with you. We couldn’t have asked for a more kind, loving, calm, strong, skilled and helpful doula. Thank you for being a part of our team and for being such a special person in our lives. You have our deepest gratitude.”

Leigh K.

“Thank you so much for everything you did to help us with the arrival of our baby! We meant it when we said that we couldn’t have done it without you. You are very good at what you do and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone!”

Lisa J.

“Adriana was my doula who saved my birth and likely my life. Thank you!!!”

Jill C.

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“Very nice job with this patient who had an occiput posterieor presentation – had only 12 hrs. of labor!”

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of our son’s birth. Words can’t express our gratitude for all that you did for us. “

“With your strong support and help, we had a wonderful birth experience. In fact, we could not have had a better experiece. Thank you again for your warm hearted, sensitive and professional care.”

“I really feel that all the preparation we did with you, plus your presence/assistance during the labor and birth led to not only the birth we wanted, but the resulting positive experience with breastfeeding, etc. Thanks for being our doula!”

“My labor and delivery experience was wonderful. I owe most of my positive experience to Adriana. There is not a thing I would change.”

Sarah K.

“Adriana was fantastic. She made the birth experience, as difficult as it was, easier for me. It helped to have her there and her advice – it helped me deal with the medical staff more easily. She also helped my family understand what was going on during the labor. Adriana’s advice post-labor has also helped me and made me feel better about how things are going.”

“Adriana was a wonderful support and help. She offered many options to patient and family, and was able to help the patient relax. She provided a very relaxed atmosphere.”

“Adriana was constantly supportive and proficient in providing excellent labor support.”

“Patient had a long labor and was at high risk for needing a cesarean. I feel Adriana gave her and her husband courage to continue”. (This mom went on to have the vaginal birth she wanted 😀 ).

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